Mitsubishi eX Concept



We first saw Mitsubishi’s eX Concept at the Tokyo auto show last fall, where the brand with fewer and fewer product offerings surprised the home-market crowd with a new spin on the EV.

In Europe, the mustard-yellow SUV received a similarly warm welcome alongside two new concepts, the less innovative “Geoseek” editions of the L200 pickup truck and Outlander/ASX. The bolder move will be for Mitsubishi to set the wheels in motion and actually produce the eX.

The MITSUBISHI eX Concept is a vision for a compact SUV powered by a next- generation EV system. In terms of design, overall it evokes the image of a sports crossover zipping nimbly around town as it merges the elegance and stylishness of a “shooting brake” (a term for a coupé with flowing styling fused with a hatchback car, the term originates from British hunting-use horse carriages) with compact SUV lines. The front end expresses a new interpretation of MMC’s Dynamic Shield front design concept. In both its exterior and interior, the MITSUBISHI eX Concept indicates the direction MMC Design is taking.

The next-generation EV system employs a high-capacity and high-performance battery together with compact high-output electric motors making it lighter and more efficient. With further weight reductions in the vehicle itself, it can provide a cruising range of 400 km.

Installing the drive battery beneath the body has lowered the center of gravity and together with its Twin Motor 4WD and S-AWC integrated vehicle dynamics control systems helps it provide handling control which faithfully reflects driver inputs as well as outstanding vehicle stability. The MITSUBISHI eX Concept is a next-generation SUV a step ahead of EVs to date.