10 Best Concept Cars For The Future

With concept cars like Lamborghini SUV and some other presented here, the future has never looked this beautiful. Even though most of us can’t afford such incredible automobiles, we still appreciate their exquisite design, if they would be built, we would consider it as being a leap forward in car making. Here are 10 of the best concept cars of the future. See the photos and read about some best new future cars, concept cars, and other upcoming vehicles.

Lamborghini SUV By Lamborghini

This New Lamborghini SUV, with some awesome design, high tech features and amazing performance is a real treat for cars lovers. Lamborghini recently confirms that Lamborghini SUV will be available in Market by 2017.


The Lamborghini Urus is a concept SUV designed by Lamborghini and unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show on 23 April 2012. It is planned to be put on the market in 2017 for the 2018 model year. The name comes from the urus, the ancestor of modern domestic cattle, also known as the aurochs.

The production Urus will differ from the concept by not using Lamborghini’s hallmark naturally aspirated V10 or V12 engines. Instead, Lamborghini has developed a new 4.0L twin-turbo V8. Lamborghini claims this engine is solely used by Lamborghini, eschewing the idea it is simply a retuned version of Audi’s 4.0L V8 that is used across the Audi lineup, and shared with Bentley in the Continental V8 coupe and Flying Spur V8.

The Lamborghini Urus SUV concept would be much lighter than some other SUVs because of extensive usage of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, although it is based on the same platform as the Audi Q7, Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne, and Volkswagen Touareg. The Urus Super SUV will feature a 584 bhp (435 kW; 592 PS) turbocharged 5.2 liter V10 engine by Audi that includes an electric motor with plug-in capability. The Urus has a front-engine, all-wheel-drive layout. The Urus is approximately 16 feet (4.9 m) long, but only about 5.5 feet (1.7 m) high. The Urus will have a top speed of 205 mph (328 kph), making it the world’s fastest SUV. Lamborghini is still considering this a concept car and are making decisions about tire size and engine type. The Urus seats four people.