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Honda CBR1000RR-S


Sorry to say, but at this point, you’ve missed out on getting your hands on Honda’s real (and very limited production) “MotoGP racebike for the street,” the insane RC213V-S. But go ahead and thank me for saving you about $180,000 (no joke) and instead, just point your wallet to the limited-edition CBR1000RR-S.

The “S” designation tacks $3,300 onto the price tag over the garden-variety CBR1000RR’s MSRP of $13,999, but hey, so what. Even the “basic” bike would likely still make you wet your knickers at full boil, but you do get some fancy upgrades for the dosh, including a buttery Ohlins suspension setup, improved exhaust, upgraded engine internals, solo seat (probably for the best), better tires and myriad other bits.

It also includes an optional glaring Repsol Honda Racing replica paint scheme, so maybe you could talk Repsol Oil into paying your insurance premiums in exchange for being a rolling billboard for a brand about 10 people in the U.S. are familiar with. Good luck with that. If you can’t handle all the Repsol fame, the down-market CBR1000R is available in basic glossy black, just don’t forget your ninja outfit.

While Honda doesn’t talk horsepower figures, the base CBR1000RR makes about 145hp across most tests, so count on a solid 150 at least with the S option, along with less weight – and that’s on a bike that’s already on a very strict diet. Velocity and acceleration should fall in line with the cream of the hyperspace-capable bike set, with 0-60 coming in much closer to two seconds than three and a top speed that quickly bangs into the voluntary 186mph (300kph) limit it seems most bike makers are still adhering to. But feel free to experiment with that.