The 15 Fastest Four-Door Sedans On The Market

1. 2017 Tesla Model S P100D – Greetings From The Future

This is probably something you didn’t expect: the fastest sedan on the market is also the most environmentally-friendly!


There is no gas engine in the Tesla Model S, and the fully-electric performance sedan features all-wheel drive. But there is much more. As you probably know, an electric engine doesn’t need to be revved up to get maximum speed. In this case, we’re talking about 602hp, right away, no turbo lag or anything. This allows the 2,000kg Tesla Model S to reach 62mph in 2.6 seconds.

The car is electronically limited to 155mph. There is one electric engine on the front wheel axle, while the performance one is on the rear axle. When you open the hood, there is just another trunk.

But the best (or the worst, your choice) is yet to come: the car is fully autonomous, with 8 cameras to keep the car aware of the surrounding environment, and allows it to drive 2 times safer than an average human.

And, of course, the car can park itself. When you leave home, you can call the car with your phone and it can come to pick you up. This is the future, really.