The 15 Fastest Four-Door Sedans On The Market

8. 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia QV – The Clover’s Comeback

Since 2013, Alfa Romeo has been producing the 4C Coupe, a car built to compete with other lightweight sports cars. But Alfa is more ambitious, and wanted to steal the crown from companies like Mercedes and BMW. So here is the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV, that could eat M4s for lunch and C63s for diner.


The heart of this beast is a 3.0L biturbo V6 engine from Maserati, co-engineered with Ferrari. It generates an output of 510hp. All of this with a manual or automatic transmission, and a carbon fibre drive shaft.

All of this helps the car go up to 62mph in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 191mph. The car has been lapping the famed Nürburgring track in only 7:39, which is the time of the last 911 Carrera S, and faster than both the M4 and C63s. The car can also be fitted with carbon ceramic brakes, and it sounds great, thanks to the active sport exhaust; it’s a nice tribute to Alfa Romeo’s golden age.

This Giulia QV is definitely the true comeback of Alfa Romeo in the sports cars world.